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Learn Brass & Woodwind with Allens!


Woodwind instruments are fabulous instruments to learn, lending themselves beautifully to playing solo, with accompaniment or in a small group or full orchestra alike.

Playing a Woodwind instrument is extremely rewarding for young players through to adults. Progress can be steady to begin with as the correct embouchure and posture is developed but the results are rewarding once these are established.

There is a huge amount of wonderful music available for the woodwind player of whatever level across a broad range of musical tastes. We currently teach Saxophone, Clarinet and Flute.

The Wonders of Brass

Brass instruments ( trumpet, trombone, tuba, French horn etc ) are extremely versatile instruments and as such are used in a wide variety of styles of music from classical to jazz , reggae to rock and just about everything else in between . Being a brass instrument player is a very rewarding pastime /hobby. The satisfaction you gain from achieving your set goals and perfecting the art of playing is an amazing feeling that inspires you to further your skills and move upwards and onwards through your chosen learning path or style .

Being wind derived instruments you can also experience a feeling of good health due to the considerable workout your lungs receive .

For the brass player, playing the instruments is exciting , the thrill you will get from mastering a piece or study , reaching a higher note not achieved before or just playing in a band or group is so satisfying.

Whether you want to play for fun or have a desire to progress further and play for a career, the emphasis is always on practice as practice makes perfect .

Enjoy the thrill and adventure of playing brass . Here at Allens School of Music, take up a brass instrument and be taught by one of our enthusisatic teachers, you'll never look back!

Here at Allens Music School we offer fun and rewarding lessons, given by fully qualified teachers. Teaching takes place in dedicated in-house studios and is available for the complete beginner through to the accomplished player. Examinations can be worked towards and taken or the pupil can simply play for fun!



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