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Learn Violin, Viola and Cello with Allens School of Music

We are very pleased to offer violin, viola and cello tuition at Allens Music School. Learning to play a stringed instrument is both a challenging and rewarding experience, which is further enhanced by our enthusiastic and well qualified teachers.

The violin, viola and cello are some of the most expressive and versatile of instruments, lending themselves beautifully to the extensive amount of music available for them. Playing a stringed instrument is often likened to looking at a piece of beautiful art, something new is always about to be discovered.

Lessons take place in spacious teaching studios where playing the violin, viola or cello is developed so that it will soon become a stimulating and relaxing hobby.

Whether you are considering lessons for your child or are an adult wishing to start your musical journey, we will provide you with lessons that are enjoyable and productive. Whether a beginner or accomplished player, our aim is to make your lessons rewarding and fun.